Cue the headaches

In June of 2017 I had a PBM, DTI. (If you are not sure what that means, I invite you to go back and explore my blog.)  My plastic surgeon did a brilliant job and I am so grateful for such fantastic results. At almost 4 months post op, I continue to rejoice on how quickly my body has healed.  If you’re considering the radical preventative double mastectomy and have a plastic surgeon willing to do direct to implant, DTI is the way to go!

Although I love that I was privileged enough to wake up from such a drastic surgery with implants in place, and consider myself quite fortunate to return to my pre surgery physique in such a shrot time, there are risks that go along with any surgery. It’s wise to be aware of these risks.

While I was researching the different options for my PBM, I stumbled across such said risks when I read about possible side effects of breast implant surgery. I took note of what I was reading and kind of tucked it into the back file folder of my brain.

File name: Breast Implant Illness (BII) 

The fact is I have traded my God-given boobies for man-made silicon.  There are risks to having foreign matter implanted into your body. There is the chance that painful scar tissue develops and forms a capillary around the implant. There is story after story of the body flat-out rejecting the implant almost immediately after surgery with gruesome infections. None of which I have experienced.

The lesser talked about is more of a long-term effect where the body actually reacts in a slower way to the implant. (This is the information I came across that I tucked away for later…)

Whether it is toxins released from the silicon into the body, or the body seeing the implant as an “intruder” and sending antibodies in to fight to no avail, the symptoms often have more of a long term health effect. (This information is very new to me, so bare with me as I share and feel free to double check my findings. If you have any information on BII or bitoixin illness, please share in the comments as I hope to learn more).

It’s my understanditng that the symptoms of BII may not rear their ugly heads right away and when they do, they often go misdiagnosed. The effects of such illness is a weakened immune system, and will often be misdiagnosed as things like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and MS.



I’m grateful for the folder of information I stored in the back of my mind years ago regarding this because I have been able to go back to it after experiencing dull headaches for a little over a week now with no explanation as to why. I have waited for a flu bug to settle in, I thought maybe I was dehydrated and have tried increasing my water intake, I feel a bit more sleepy and am resting a lot. I’ve my fingers crossed in hopes that what I am feeling passes.

Meanwhile, I’ll take this as a cue and gather more information on BII and biotoxin illness. If in the end I simply have obtained additional knowledge and my headaches are nothing more then headaches, I’ll store my findings back in the folder of my brain, and atleast it’s there! I plan to keep tabs on the way I feel, and will call my doctor if these headaches persist. As much as I want to put this all behind me and be done, it’s important to continue to be aware and continue to be my best advocate for my body.

Here’s to it be nothing and as always, I hope my sharing will help you travel on your own road of preventive surgery and self-care. More to come….


2 thoughts on “Cue the headaches

  1. Personally I think it causes autoimmune disease – hashimotos. I started getting bad migraine headaches right after getting implants. Also had numbness/ tingling in hands and feet. Took a while and many wrong dx. before found it was thyroid and I think the implants were my root cause. As soon as I started proper treatment all sx. went away. You have to ask for a full thyroid panel- most docs only test tsh and t4 which tells you nothing. It should def. include tests for the 2 hashimotos antibodies.These are what to test:
    Free T4
    Free T3
    Reverse T3
    Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies (TPOAb)
    Thyroglobulin Antibodies (TgAb)
    Check out this site for the symptoms of Hypothyroid disease:

    An article about Hashis & implants.

    I definitely think I was susceptible to this autoimmune because my mom & sister have it. It was most likely the implants that set it off. Eventually I may take them out-I would like to. Right now I am just struggling with Ovarian Cancer as well as a huge hernia from the hysterectomy that has to be addressed next year.

    Re the headaches though-I had them really bad and I never had migraines or anything like it before. I was treated at one of the foremost migraine centers in the country and even they did not run the full panel to find the hashis. They game me a battery of tests including MRI of brain and ended up putting me on Topomax-which was AWFUL. And so awful to withdrawal from as well. It wasn’t until I saw an integrative MD that I got it all figured out. That is what I suggest you do-they at so much better than traditional mds at working with autoimmune diseases. They are going to also be the ones to believe you when you tell them about your implants causing pain. Integrative docs treat the whole person with the most important thing being to get and keep you healthy. They don’t just treat symptoms once you are sick.

    Good luck. PM me if you want to know anything more.


  2. Thank you very much for commenting. Will be reading the articles you suggested and asking for those specific panels when/if needed. My prayers are with you and the journey you are on.


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