The Stitch

Three months post operation is good. The more time that passes, the more the surgery becomes a distant memory. Life is progressing as it should, the body is healing, scars are fading. I feel like me again.

So, what happens when you notice a string coming lose?

It all begin with a sporactic pain in the left breast. Not knee buckling pain, it was a minor, “poking”, annoying pain. After a long day, I came home, the bra came off, and that’s when I noticed the red spot near an incision area. At that moment I didn’t think anything of it. I actually thought that maybe a crumb from something I ate fell into my bra and  spent the day poking me…What? It could happen! I ignored the red spot and hoped it would be gone in the morning.

Don’t pull that!

The next morning, the red spot was still there. Real concern crept in as I loaded up ice into my ice pack in hopes of bringing comfort to that now obviously irritated patch of skin.  I was 3 months post op, out of the woods I thought and now this! I had just paid a visit to the plastic surgeon the week prior and left with a clean bill of health. What was going on?

I’m a busy woman and didn’t have time to make a trip back to the PS. So I lived with it for a few days….You know sometimes you ignore a problem and it goes away, right?


Two days later, I knew I had to call my surgeon. The skin started to look as if it was blistering and would be best described as feeling like a bug bite.  The skin was very red. I called the nurse who asked me to send pictures….yay, for modern day communication! I spent a few minutes trying to get the lighting and the angle right and hit send.

Should I just get the scissors?

scissorsI can jump to worst case scenario thoughts pretty quickly and I was there with this.  The red and very ” irritated” spot bothered me physically,  but mentally it was so much more. I was disappointed. My surgery and recovery had  gone very smooth, I was pleased with the results, and had had no complications.

The red spot, which was no bigger then the size of a quarter, made my heart sink into my stomach. What if it was an infection? Would I need to go back under the knife? Oh no!


Behind the scenes the pictures I sent were being looked at…It would take a couple of hours before I would hear back from the nurse. I tried not to worry. I grabbed the antibiotic cream and some gauze and treated my red spot. I had no choice but to go about my day.

The nurse finally called, and after consulting with one of the surgeons, they told me not to worry, it was a stitch. (Huge sigh of relief) From what I was told it’s pretty common. The internal stitch will sometimes work themselves to the surface of the skin around an incision area. I was told that I may feel something poke through, the “blister” may open, there might be puss involved, and I should continue doing what I have been doing (antibiotic cream and gauze) to ward off infection. And of course, if the area was hot to touch or if I grew more concerned, to go in and see them.

Moral of the story: When everything on the outside looks fine, keep in mind that healing takes time! (Did you like that? It kind of rhymes right?)


P. S.  It’s been a little over a week since this occurred and that area has healed again. 


2 thoughts on “The Stitch

  1. Amen! Glad all is going well. Loved your blog girl! LOL Loved this, “You know sometimes you ignore a problem and it goes away right?”


    I think that’s the part of growing up– realizing that problems don’t just evaporate into thin air… we must deal with them and take courage that there is a solution… and we will get there, it will get sorted out and figured out. So.. off to pay some bills. Ugh. Can’t run from these. They come back and BITE!


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