Like a whisper

morningIt’s a lovely morning. Fall has begun to creep in, so it’s a bit darker, cloudy, cool and still outdoors. Inside my home is quiet, the kids are sleeping. The morning shenanigans have yet to commence.


In the quiet I am alone with my thoughts. Grateful to have breath, life, health, my vision, and although my feet ache when I first place them on the floor, they take me into the kitchen where I pour myself a nice hot cup of coffee.  These simple things I often take for granted but today have brought light to my morning.


I consider these blessings. I know there are those who are waking up this morning without these small but significant blessings.

I came across a passage in the book of 1 Kings chapter 19.

1 Kings 19

In light of all that has happened in our world, the floods, hurricanes, and earthquakes, this really struck me. You see, all these things will happen and it’s not necessarily because the big guy in the sky is angry at us, we just live in a very imperfect world and imperfect things happen all around us, kind of like this cancer gene….What I loved was the ending of the passage, “after the fire came a gentle whisper”.


I think about life and what a crazy, busy, loud, unorganized, beautiful, chaotic mess it can be and then there are these moments tucked in between. Moments like mine this morning, where there is quiet and it is like a whisper.












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