BRA Shopping.

no bra day

My new bosom buddies needed some support.

Bra shopping wasn’t high on my priority list after my mastectomy.

For the first few weeks I lived in the zipper front sport bras from Walmart. Size XL worked well accommodating the swelling post op. I eventually moved into a smaller size a few weeks later, but I have to say that the zipper front sports bra was/is my fave.

But sadly, you can only wear a sports bra for so long before having to face the dreaded task of bra shopping….Bra shopping for me when I new my size, wasn’t at all fun.  Facing racks and racks of bras without a clue of what size I was after PBM was horrifying. I put it off as long as I could.


But then I had to return to work. I knew I would have to find a bra I could wear with my blouses. The 30% off coupon from Kohl’s’ helped motivate me. I headed over, and was convinced that fate was on my side when I got front row parking. I walked straight back to the intimates. I was a girl on a mission. I took a deep breath and stepped in.

Where do I start?

I had read from other BRCA sisters that braletts were a good option, so I decided to begin there. Popular these days are the braletts, there are all sorts in a variety of pretty colors….I was excited to see the girls in lace, but that excitement quickly faded as I surveyed the aisles before me, aisles filled with braletts. Maybe if I was feeling more optimistic I could have consider myself lucky to have such a variety to choose from but truly there were SOOO many that I began to feel a bit overwhelmed. Where does a girl begin? I began to notice that a lot of them didn’t clip in the back like a regular bra, so I started to look for those that did. This narrowed down my choices and I found a few that I would take into the dressing room with me.

Next, wire-free please.

I wanted to try on some “real” bras. The kind I was used to wearing. The lower part of my new breast is numb and I don’t know that I would feel a wire poking me, so I decided I wanted wire-free bras.

Any woman knows how hard it is to find a good wire bra but you may not realize how difficult it can be to find a nice bra without a wire. I searched high and low, touching almost every bra as I walked by to check and see if it had a wire. When I did find the elusive non-wire bra, I would begin my dig to find the right size and come up short…

What size am I anyway?

The first time I had a true fitting was when I was buying undergarments for my wedding dress. I remember the woman teaching me the proper way to put on a bra….yes, there is a proper way. You clasp the bra around your waist, slide the arms in, lean forward and lift the girls into place. Pulling from the bottom and the side, fill the cup. If the boobies spill over, the cup is too small, if there is significant space between the boob and the underarm area, the cup of the bra is too big.

I discovered that with implants this process proved to be a bit more challenging. I don’t know if it’s because that area is a little more tender right now or maybe it’s because I just had fluid filled plastic balloons placed into the area where flesh once was, either way I wasn’t able to manipulate the breast to fit into the new cup the way I was used to. I tried.

I took B,C,and D cups into the dressing room by the arm loads, and I tried each one on. I eventually found my size and a bra that would work for me and the girls!!!  Celebrate with me ladies?!?! Ooh, yeah!

happy dane

The result of my time consuming, bra shopping experience, resulted in two bras that I felt comfortable in. I’ll show you those below.

*On a side note, if you are able to go and get properly fitted, do so. It will save you so much time and energy sisters. 

And the brassiere of choice:

Warners Cool and Dry, wire-free.

warner bra
Warners cool and dry

Second in line is the highly recommended bralette.

Candies lace & mesh

Last but not least, is the favorite go-to zipper front sports bra from Walmart.

sprots bra
Walmart zipper front sports bra



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