Just a little bit NORMAL

So what’s so special about week 6 post opp??

The first few weeks after my prophylactic bilateral mastectomy (PBM) I felt anything but normal. Even though I was fortunate to wake up with implants in place, the new mounds on my chest wall were far from normal. To me they looked like two eggs, sunny side up!


sunny side up

My new foobs were swollen, sore, and riding high….and let’s not overlook the fact that the girls were looking more like they belonged to the bride of Frankstein then to little ‘ol me.



For 5 weeks I felt totally abnormal. I had trouble lifting my arms to wash my hair, pulling on a pair of jeans, and I couldn’t sleep lying down. As I quickly realized how much of my norm I take for granted,  I decided to be gracious towards myself, giving my self permission to heal.

I  decided to watch one more episode of my current Netflix fave. I took that afternoon nap. I used the motorized cart at Walmart. I left the dishes in the sink, and didn’t run the vaccum. I swallowed my pride and asked for help.  I gave myself permission to be still….

6 weeksI had read a number of times, on a BRCA sister Facebook page, the miracle marker of week 6. Most women stating that this 6th week was a huge turning point, I was excited to get there. I am happy to report that week 6 had me smiling.  I woke up that Wed, the 6 week anniversary of my PBM, feeling NORMAL!!!

I could stretch and move. I even woke up laying flat on my back a few times that week. Was it a miracle? I’d like to think so. A miracle that my body had come this far, that it was healing. Yes, maybe it was all in my head, but the 6 week mark was a BIG deal for me….normal was in view.

Beautiful BRCA sisters going through it, things will get better. Take care of yourself, put off the dishes, go one more day without washing your hair, don’t worry about the vacuuming because you’ll be back at it soon enough. The boobs will drop, the scars will fade. Be patient with the process. Your main focus is healing!

You’ll find normal again…because It’s just around the corner.







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