A Poem

bandage heart

The Bandage

For days I wore a bandage,
Concealing wounds I wasn’t ready to face.
Many would say what lies underneath is no reason to feel disgrace;
My life was at stake….
The bandage I wore hid a certain reality,
scarred for life I will always be.
Is it shear vanity?
I wasn’t ready to see.
Gently I removed piece by piece,
revealing the wounds that lie underneath.
I will heal in time and these wounds will be a memory of mine;
the scars will always be a part of me.
But I feel this runs deeper than my flesh;
It’s the symbol of a family plagued by mangled mess.
Tears stream down my face at the loss of my own flesh.
Some say I bear the scars of a warrior;
But I simply see the daughter of the warrior who fought before her.
The bandage is off, the wounds will heal.
It’s time to trust and to rebuild;
And maybe someday soon I’ll look at these scars
And feel brave, saved, and unafraid,
But today I feel the loss of something cancer again has taken away.








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