Another plastic surgeon

As I sit in the room waiting for the doctor, I catch a glimspe of my reflection in the floor-to-ceiling mirror in front of me.  My heart feels like I’m 23, but my body sends me another message. The girl I still feel I am, looks more and more like an old version of what I used to be….

Today I am meeting with another plastic surgeon to discuss reconstruction after mastectomy. So far, the only option that has ever been presented to me for reconstruction has been this 6 month long road of unpleasantness. What I  am hoping for today is that the doctor I am meeting with is familiar with a “one-step” reconstruction. (Fingers crossed)

Allow me to explain…I have seen many of plastic surgeons, and most, if not all, have shared with me a procedure to reconstruct the breast that sounds down right awful and it has seemed like the only option until more recently.  I have learned of an alternate surgery. The problem is I have only found one surgeon willing to do it and  I’m on the hunt for another.

You see, most surgeons want to use expanders that have to be filled with fluid over the course of a few weeks by injecting a needle through the breast wall, and “expanding” the skin slowly. Once your breast is the size you would like, the surgeon schedules an additional surgery to put in the implants. To me that just sounds like a whole lot of awfulness. It’s not what I want.

The “one-step” process I seek, and have read about, is an immediate reconstruction using Alloderm (cadaver skin). From what I read the recovery time is quicker, and there is no need for expanders or another surgery in 6 months. You wake up to fully reconstructed boobs! That’s what this “BRCA-brat” wants and if I am a candidate for this surgery, I will have it.


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